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Collaborations, and my role in leading meaningful conversations.

I have always had a passion for articulating the relationship and the connection that Black History has with the cultural climate, economics, and fashion, and its effect on them. Therefore, I make constant efforts in hopes of conveying that message and that relationship to my growing base of followers, and creating a space for conversations to be held, and Knowledge to be shared.

When I’m not obsessing over the story behind the clothes, I am partnering with brands, agency and publications to create impactful & engaging fashion content and campaigns that bring awareness to the cultural importance of fashion & dress.

I consult with fashion, tech and luxury brands to build out equitable D&I/DEI solutions and programming. That programming extends to content, speaking engagements and internally facing partnerships with Senior leadership. My consultations extend to costume design for TV/Film — I work with costume designers to provide research for their onscreen costume projects. I soon hope to take on my first role as Costume Designer for a TV/film project.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with influential, industry-leading companies and individuals, such as:

  • Tidal on the Shades of fashion project.
  • Net-A-Porter
  • Revolt Summit
  • Netflix
  • Council of Fashion designers of America (CFDA) on breaking through glass ceilings.
  • Conversation with Zerina Akers discussing cultural nuances within Disney’s Black is King
  • Guest feature on Stacy London’s IG Live Series: “Fashion and Feelings”.
  • Speaking on the #FutureOfCreative, a panel discussion on opening creative spaces for people of color in the industry
  • An intimate sit-down to talk trends with NBC NYC at Spring Studios during the New York Fashion Week

 I’ve also had the honor of being featured on different press outlets such as Vogue, Zora, Essence, Time, and Business Insider, and much more.

But my efforts and passion for this field never stops! Interested in working with me? Contact me through one of the channels below!

PR + MGMT: Jahylin McKee


Please contact Shelby Ivey Christie for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programming, fashion education & programming, speaking opportunities, social media campaigns, content creation, brand development services, marketing activations & brand partnerships. Shelby is also available for Costume Design projects.


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