Shelby’s Bio

Hi! I’m Shelby! I’m Fashion & Costume Historian.

True Life: I’m addicted to black blazers & black boots. I have a meme for every occasion lol. I’m obsessed with costume design in films (which is how I was first introduced to fashion) & can often be found on your timeline stanning my favorite period piece’s costume moments (Marie Antoinette 2006!!!!!!) I’m a Vogue alum, a part-time NYU Costume studies Grad student & a full-time Luxury Marketing Manager (Is a career split personality a thing? If so, das me.)

I examines fashion through the lens of race, class & culture.As I previously mentioned, I am currently working to complete my Masters of Arts, Costume Studies at NYU. I earned my Bachelors of Arts: Race, Class & Culture from the best (and biggest) HBCU, North Carolina A&T State University, in 2015.  I am passionate about Black history & how topics like economics, culture & society intersect with fashion.

I’m also a full-time Luxury Marketing Manager – In my current role I formulate & manage marketing campaigns for luxury beauty brands. Prior to my current role, I worked on Vogue’s digital marketing team where I interacted with 50+ luxury fashion brands to ideate, plan, launch and measure their marketing campaigns across all of Vogue’s social & digital platforms.

I also did the “dirty work.” I’m not hovering on the outskirts of the fashion industry, observing & critiquing. I am an active participant in this industry with over 8 years of work experience, having my first published on W Magazine dot com when I was just 19 years old. I started off as a closet intern in this industry. Waayyyy back when Conde Nast had an internship program. I interned at W Magazine.

Upon graduating college in May 2015, I moved to NYC to intern at InStyle Magazine. My understanding of fashion is not isolated to a historical perspective. My current & previous work on the business side & editorial side of fashion affords me a rich & varied understanding of the fashion landscape.


I’m a New York girl. However, I tell everyone that I have 3 hometowns: New York, where I was born to two native New Yorkers, Denver Colorado where I spent most of my adolescence and Charlotte North Carolina –  North Carolina is special to me. It’s been home for me since I was 10 years old & southern culture is something I hold near & dear to me – My southern-ness is never divorced from my work.